Say good-bye to dry, mealy, boring healthy treats, and say hello! to Taste of Chia treats.
All of our handmade delights are moist, chewy, and absolutely scrumptious! They'll cost you more than a candy bar - but what they deliver, is priceless...

You may not be familiar with chia, but we'll bet you're familiar with homemade goodness and mouth-watering snacks. All of our snacks are based on the incredible CHIA SEED. Almost unknown to the general public, chia is one of those "powerhouses of nutrition",
in a little, bitty seed. Whether you eat chia to manage your weight, increase your endurance, build muscle tone, enhance your hair, get an energy boost, or just for the sheer pleasure of eating it - you'll love our chia creations.

We only use fresh ingredients in all of our chia products - extra-virgin coconut oil, freshly ground nutmeg and cinnamon, pure maple syrup, raw honey, real lemon, pure vanilla, sulfite-free, unsweetened coconut, saffron, other natural flavors, and lots of TLC. The taste is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Check out our INCREDIBLE EDIBLES page to start snacking your way to a healthy body!

P.S. Chia has been around for centuries! Once a valuable staple of the Aztecs, and Southwestern American Indians, it fell into disuse, due to the "Conquering Heroes" like Cortez, and the "white man". Rediscovered in our recent past, chia is FINALLY getting the attention it so richly deserves. On our ABOUT CHIA page, we give you a mini-education on the incredible benefits of this humble seed, and there is LOTS of information on the chia seed to be had, if you "Google" it!
You are in for a treat!
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